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July 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

July 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

July 2020

July 2020 LMA Board Meeting

July 11, 2020

Call to Order:  President: Sue Westburg

9:00 AM called to order


Arlyss Rinowski

Beth Blaylock - Secretary

Chuck Munson

Greg Pfeifer

John Montour

Mike Widseth

Robbie Danko - Treasurer

Sue Reinhart – Excused

Sue Westburg - President

Tim Rinowski - Vice President

Terryl Patterson

Welcome attending members and guests.

                        No guests due to COVID-19

Report of Officers:

Secretary’s Report: Beth B. (John made a motioned to approved and Tim 2nd)

Treasurer’s Report:  Robbie D.  (Chuck motioned to approved and Beth 2nd)

Checking: $2,308.34

Money market account: $53,321.03

Fun fact: Balances last month to this month – less than $100 despite the number of items paid

Submitted expenses to LID $10,537.76

$8.54 Amazon music charge showed up again.  Amazon not able to reverse the charge, so we must go to the bank and dispute the charge that way.

AIS 2019 check received and in the bank

Property tax - $8.00 charge missed for the location that we place that we lease for the weeds.  Has been brought up to date.

Quicken and Grand Timber bank managed to get resolved to $0.30 and made a journal entry to balance.

Robbie sent the LID request to Pat Rath.  A few charges were questioned.  LVC fire suppression, are they local?  Expect push back on the website expenses. If we could get a few board members to come to the LID meeting it would be helpful.

Water Quality Report:  John M. (Greg made the motioned to approved and Tim 2nd)

35 loads of weeds taken out to date.

Hydraulic issue has been fixed.

Guys have been working but with the heat of late has caused them to work shorter days.

Hydraulic oil has been ordered and fuel has been ordered.

Garage – Have an issue with the grading on the side of the gate.  Every time that it rains, we get water in the garage.  Tim to call a local backhoe operator to investigate putting in a French drain system.

Tested the system for washing the harvester in the lake and it worked great.  No chemicals are used in the cleaning.  We will be able to borrow John’s neighbor’s power washer system anytime that we need.  If we were to purchase it would cost us $700 for the nozzle alone.  Greg and Robbie to keep a look out for any parts that would help to put one together.

  Old Business:

    1. 4th of July t-shirt giveaway.  Had 100 shirts to give away.  It was very hot!!  But well received and lots of positive feedback.  Will plan on doing it again next year.
    2. Have a number of requests to purchase LMA merchandise.  Arlyss will follow up on the costs to get some additional shirts printed and will get back to Sue W.  Arlyss and Tim have agreed to use their garage as a distribution point.
    3. Garage Sign:  Denny DeMars is very busy with making Covid signs.  Once that slows down Sue W. will get it made.
    4. Aitkin County Soil and Water - $4500 approved for upcoming year.  We can get the match AIS with in kind hours. 
    5. Secci disk readings.  Finally got ahold of Ken Jensen he is still out of state.  Sue contacted the state and got a new disc.  Tim and Ole went out and got new readings.  Main lake - 4.5.  Pleasure point reading - 5.5.  We will take care of this until Ken comes back. 
    6. Loons update:  Have had reports of baby loon sightings.  If you see them again, please take a picture.

Will do something for the nesting platforms even if St. Cloud does not have school.

  New Business:

    1. Have had a few interesting calls from homeowners.  Additional requests for weed removal around docks and shorelines (still not able to do so with our permit from the DNR).
    2. Since we will not be having the BBQ, it was suggested to have a potluck with the board and spouses.  Sue Westburg has offered to host at her home.  Friday August 7th is the proposed date.  Sue will send something out to the board.
    3. Received the lease agreement from the DNR for where we dump the weeds.  $790 cost for the 10-year lease.
    4. Jessica Johnson – Tallon Metals.  Representing copper mining in the area.  We are not for or against but have invited her to come and speak at the LMA annual meeting so that she can provide information and answer questions.
    5. LID board – has directors’ and officers’ insurance coverage.  Should we have coverage?  An Errors and admissions (DNO) policy would be good to investigate the costs.  Sue Westburg to look into this.

  Announcements:  None

  Next board meeting: August 8th, 10:00 AM at the Sportsman Club and will be our annual meeting.

  Meeting Adjourned: at 10:15 AM, Greg made the motion and Tim 2nd.

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