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August 2020 Annual Board Meeting Notes

August 2020 Annual Board Meeting Notes

Board Meeting Minutes

August 2020 LMA Board Meeting

August 8, 2020

Call to Order:  President: Sue Westburg

10:00 AM called to order


Arlyss Rinowski

Beth Blaylock - Secretary

Chuck Munson

Greg Pfeifer

John Montour

Mike Widseth  - ill

Robbie Danko - Treasurer

Sue Reinhart – Excused

Sue Westburg - President

Tim Rinowski - Vice President

Terryl Patterson

Welcome attending members and guests.

Bruce Patterson – LID board member

Dan “Ole” Westburg – LID board member

Curt Ross

Emily Ross

Jessica Johnson – Tallon Metals

 B. Secretary’s report:  Beth B. (John made a motioned to approved and Tim 2nd ,  All in favor)

C. Treasurer’s Report:  Robbie D.  (Chuck motioned to approved and Tim 2nd)


2020 Operating Income

Business Membership - $135

Individual Membership - $4,680.53

Promotional Items – $(600.00)

Purchased some items to fill special orders

Purchased T-shirts for July 4 goodwill give away with proceeds from 2019

BBQ Fundraiser – postponed for 2020

2020 Operating Expenses

G & A - $2,505.92

Water Quality Programs - $8,644.39 (reimbursable)

AIS Education $1,410.25 (reimbursable - Grant)

Special Projects - $1,875 (Loon Nesting Platforms)

Allocations for LMA Programs





 AIS Education








Special Projects




New Equipment Capital





Add memorials on the website – Beth to add to the new website as an additional membership option along with a location to call out the current memorials.

Water Quality Report:  John M. (Greg made the motioned to approved and Tim 2nd)

680 tons of weeds taken out to date.

Not sure why the water appears “dirtier” this year.  Could be the warmer weather and the increased boat traffic.

Garage – Had an issue with the grading on the side of the gate has been taken care of.  With the heavy rains last night, we can determine if the fix implemented solved the issue.

Working on the second time around of harvesting on the lake.

Two biggest areas are:

Higher water temps have helped the weeds to grow.

Equipment – Any concerns?  None currently. 

The trailer is 16 years old.  Tires seem to be the biggest wear area on the trailer.

Truck is a 1997.  We put on about 600 miles a year.  Currently have 1XX,XXX miles on it and should last until about 300,000 miles.

Harvester is 3 years old.  Last one was 30 years old.

Would it be helpful to have a barge system for removing the weeds?  It would allow the harvester to spend more time cutting weeds and less transporting weeds to the trailer.

Would be another piece of equipment to maintain and would require another employee.  Where would we store it?

Lots of investigating was done when buying the harvester, but at this time the weeds have been unmanageable.  The biomass from the floods 7 years ago have helped keep the weeds population down.  We may be at the end of that benefit.

Would we be able to put a map on the website on where the harvester has been and a map of the areas that we run the harvester??  Along with the DNR permit? Robbie to work with Mike to figure out how to do this.

Old Business:

    1. Zebra mussel testing:  Ole Westburg and Bruce Patterson

Samples taken from 3 different areas on the lake.  One from the deep hole, the narrows and pleasant point.

If we find Zebra mussels, we will contact the DNR.  Once we find zebra mussels we will be put on the “contaminated lakes list”.  The DNR will implement a full lake survey to determine the number and size of colonies.  Depending on size will determine the protocol.

Need to figure out how best to get folks a way to decontaminate their boats if they had their boats on another lake within the last week.  Boats need a hot water wash if the owners are going to put the boat back into the water within the week.

Aitkin County soil and water has a program that pays people $100 to keep any used docks, lifts, etc. that was from another lake.  The equipment would need to be out of the water for 30 days before being placed into the lake.

August/Beginning of September we will be having a lake survey for invasive specifies

    1. Secci disc:  Ole Westburg and Bruce Patterson

Same three areas on the lake as the zebra mussel testing was done.  While the water appears “dirtier” this year, the numbers match last year’s readings.  Main lake - 4.5.  Pleasure point reading - 5.5. 

    1. Scap netting: Ole Westburg and Bruce Patterson

Testing was not done this spring due to Covid-19.  We hopefully be able to do next year.  This testing determines where the fish are spawning and if the walleye population is naturally reproducing on the lake.

    1. Boat Launch:

Have had the same inspector at the boat launch, Richard.  People have been very cooperative and know what they need to do.

Have has some issues with power loading.  Have placed a sign at the landing.  There are three massive holes were people are using their motors to load their trailers.

Starry Trekking event August 15th:  State-wide event.  Have volunteers at the boat landing and will be training of people types of weeds.  Starry stone weed is a new weed that has been found in the area.

Wake boats have requirements that are posted at the launch.  Requires them to stay so far away from shores and docks and the music must be kept below certain levels.

    1. 4th of July t-shirt giveaway.

Very hot day.

People really enjoyed it.  If our budget allows, we should plan on doing this again next year. 

Some requests to purchase some of the shirts.  The shop in Aitkin could make some more.  Hard to do this piecemeal and will wait until next spring to order some adult sizes available.

    1. Electro Fishing/stocking/fish limits:

Electro fishing was done in late June and the DNR was looking for walleyes and sunfish. 

Stocking was scheduled for this year, but with Covid they weren’t able to get the frys.  If stocking can be done next year, we are working with the DNR to make sure that if funding is an issue that the LMA works with them to make it happen.

Friday October 2nd meeting at the community center to discuss the reducing the bag limits.  Looking to reduce the sunfish bag limit from 10 to 5.  This would match the other lakes in the area limits.  The DNR website has information on their website.

Tricky balance between crappies and walleyes.  When walleye populations are up, the crappie populations are down and when walleye populations are down the crappie populations are up, because they go after the same food source.

We have an outstanding relationship with the DNR and has helped the lake immensely.

    1. Loons update: 

Loon populations have been steady, but the family groups have been falling off.  Working with Mantrap Lake association and our own surveys have found 4-5 nests.  Issues are that the loons are having a high mortality level for eggs and babies.  The water levels have had a large impact on the mortality rates.  Therefore, we are getting 3 floating nesting platforms made.  Need to have the platforms out early in the spring within days of ice coming off the lake.

Nesting platforms will be made by St. Cloud Tech as part of their welding class.  Platforms are 4’ x 5’.

    1. Weir’s Dam:

Covid has pushed the schedule back a little bit.

Engineering work is being done in Duluth.

We have preliminary designs and will now be sending out bids.  Steve at Aitkin county will be managing the bid process.

Sportsman club is also participating with funding.

2021 will be the start of the installation.  Should have it completed within 2 years.

Landowner is incredibly supportive of the process which is very helpful to the success of the project.

A 6” x 6” notch will be put into the current dam, but it will not affect the water levels of the lake.

    1. August 27th at the McGregor community center at 10:00 am is the LID annual meeting.

There will be an election of officers.  Applications for officer positions will need to be in by the end of next week to Dan “Ole” Westburg.  If you know of anyone interested, please contact Dan.

    1. LID board –directors’ and officers’ insurance coverage.  An Errors and admissions (DNO) policy would cost $558 for $500,000 coverage: $698 for $1,000,000 coverage.

Recommended that we pursue the $1,000,000 coverage.

Chuck made the recommendation to get the $1,000,000 coverage for $698.  Vote was unanimous.  None apposed.

New Business:

    1. Talon Metals Corp. presentation:


Jessica Johnson – Talon Metals.  Representing nickel-copper-cobalt mining in the area.  Jessica has been with Talon for about a year.  They are exploring the option of nickel and copper mining.  in the Tamarak area. All the land that they are exploring, or mining is on state land or owned by Talon Metals.  Kennecott has been drilling in the Tamarak area since 2008.  In 2014, Talon metals started worked with Kennecott.  In 2019, Talon Metals took over the day to day decisions while Kennecott has the majority share.

Focused area is 800 meters wide and going 500 to 550 meters deep. 

Talon is in the exploration process and are proposing preliminary and underground pit.  They have more details on their website (  As part of the exploration process, they are investigating an underground shaft or ramp system for mining the minerals.   Depending on which approach they are taking will determine the impact to the wetlands.

Impact to water quality/water shed.  MN has strict requirements and they must prove that they can meet the requirements before they can move forward.   Baseline studies since 2006, they take quarterly water samples, and can share what is currently out there.  Jessica will add us to their water quality list and their quarterly newsletter.

Currently they are in a wetland area and use mats for truck traffic.  They are used to minimize damage from trucks.  Once they are done in the area, they remove the mats.

Has the potential to provide up to 200 jobs in the area.

Pre-feasibility study is the next step.

Feasibility studies are the final step in the process.

    1. Parking Signage by the township boat landing by old Timber shores by the swamp.   Sponsored by the Sportsman club.  There is no parking lot in the area and people are parking on the side of the road and making it difficult to navigate. There are several members that like to have that removed.  Would need to go to the Sportsman Club meeting to request. 

Greg will investigate who owns the land.

Announcements:  None

Next board meeting: September 12th, 9:00 AM at Bann’s.

Meeting Adjourned: at 12:12 PM, Greg made the motion and Tim 2nd.

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