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July 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

July 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

July 2021 LMA Board Meeting

July 10, 2021

Meeting called to order:

Attendees:  Sue W. Tim Aryliss, John and Bonnie Montour, Robbie, Melissa Sue R, Chuck, Robbie and Terryl

Secretary Report: John made motion to accept and Tim 2nd

Treasurer report:

Current balance: $7103.51

MM: $50,468.50

Season start up expenses are in the LID $6300

Placemats into Aitkin County estimating $800 for 2020; $1254 - 2021 placemats

Operating expenses:  $2200 payroll and gas

Receivables $10,636

Insurance policy: $ 698.00

Payroll: $3600

Maintenance: $250 cooling fan for harvester


Still some outstanding expenses

Haven’t accounted for any promotional items.  Usually don’t account for it because it is a net zero-line item because we

Had a $200 check for membership that was returned in the last week. 

John made a motion to accept

Terryl 2nd the motion

Water Quality Report:

Crew has been working 12-14 hour days

Driver will not be back next year due to health issues

Chris is doing well and will be back next year.  Would like to boost his pay to $20/hour. 

  • Chuck made a motion to increase the pay to $20.00
  • Beth 2nd it.

Vote was unanimous and will be implemented starting Monday.

40 load count of weeds so far this year.

Normally the weeds are from the shore to about 150 feet out.  This year with the low water levels, lots of sunlight, and better water clarity we are seeing a lot more weeds from 150 feet to 600 feet from the shoreline.  Seeing lots of long stringy weeds (mattress)

Been getting a lot of calls asking for them to get the weed harvester in certain areas.  Team continues work their way around the lake.

Fan is in and can be mounted. 

Will need to order fuel again.

Will need to change the oil and will be done tomorrow.

Conveyor has been busting again and needs to be repaired.

The OSB board was sold very quickly

Loon Nesting Report:

Platforms can now come out. John and his crew will take them out.  We will determine how dirty they are once they are out.  If they need to be cleaned, they will power wash them.  They will be stored in the LMA garage.   They stack together and the cages will store on top of them, so they don’t take up much space.

Greg has decided not to purchase any additional platforms at this time.  Will need to evaluate how much work that they are to maintain and get out of the water.  Will also see how next year goes and will order more for 2023.  Current belief is that the lake could support 5 nesting platforms.

Revaluating the locations for placing the platforms next year.  Had a hard time finding where the nesting spots were this year.  Plus, where we did find nests, it could be very difficult to put them in that area.

We believe that we have only had two nesting chicks this year.

Please let us know if you see any chicks on the lake and the general location that they are seen.

Old Business

Coasters – Robbie got prices on them.  It will be approximately $2200 for an order of 10,000.  Decided to go on 4”x4” square coasters.  Decided to put our logo on one side and information about AIS so that we can get them reimbursed.

LMA Apparel

Excellent job getting the merchandise.  Have ordered some things from a location across from Willey’s, they will do embroidering.  Doing a smaller order at first to see how it goes.

The Aitkin group finally got back to us.  Will be ordering adult sizes of the kids’ shirt that was handed out on the 4th of July.

Currently don’t have any merchandise to sell currently.


Date:  August 14th

Sue redid the signs and cleaned them up.  Need one on the side of Bann’s.  Ukura’s will have the other sign.  We have 4 more-yard signs with taller sticks that will be getting out shortly. 

Parking area around Bann’s.  Need to find out who the new owner is where we have parked in the past.

Zell’s have a duck boat that they would like to donate for the silent auction.  Tim and Greg will look at it.  May be interested in it for the loon nesting platform program.

Tim and Aryliss have solicited all the local business but a few.  Those that haven’t been able to connect with has been due to business hours.  Haven’t gotten a lot of items yet.  Most people want them to leave information.

Robbie has had an offer of an old Lake Minnewawa canoe.  It is a little rough.  Decided to pass on it.

Ace Hardware has donated another wheelbarrow again.  Will fill with booze.

Sue and Ole are doing the mystery gift again.

Have had a lot of offers of baskets again.

Food Update:  Terryl is pretty much done.  Hot dogs have been donated.  Sather’s is donating the brats. Ordered hamburger.  More this year than the previous year.  Only thing we must pay for is buns and hamburger.  We are getting a mix of 100 hamburger/hot dog buns donated.  Bann’s is doing the bags of potato chips and the calico beans.   62# potato salad were donated, asking for 90# because we ran out the previous years.  Watermelon is being donated.

Instead of cookies, thinking that it might be better to get individually wrapped rice krispy bars.

Subway is donating sliced tomatoes. 

Condiments have been purchased at Costco.  Will pick up some pickles. Chuck will get a gallon of pickles also.

Need to pick up an electric roaster. Terryl will take care of that.

Plan is enough food for 300 people

Need a 50/50 person

Usually set up at 9:00 am, then head home and shower and come back at 12:00.  Event starts at 1:00.

John will request tables from the Sportsman Club.

Tents – will use Bann’s and the smaller pop-up ones that we purchased.

Will need a couple more people to serve.

Silent Auction:  will bring highlighters for closing out the auction.  Moving the check out closer to the silent auction area.  Will set up three different checkout options.  Cash/check, credit cards and Venmo.

LMA Website:

Currently if you google the Sportsman Club and click on their website, it takes you to our LMA site.  Will need to report that to Google to get it corrected.

Kids Fishing Update:

Need boats at the launch at 8:45 AM

Have 20 kids signed up

New rule for the school is that there needs to have background check on all volunteers, or they will be sending a staff for each boat. It costs $40 for background checks so we will have 3 adults on each boat.  Will have to move the kids around.

Chuck needs a helper for his boat.

Wild Rice Days – Robbie has paid the membership fee, vendor fees so we are now good to go and will be back in our old location.

New Business:

DNR will be out on the lake during surveys July20 – 23.  Will be doing Gill netting.

Live cams for the Loon nesting platforms? Is there a way that people could log in and see the activity live?  Like an Eagle cam. 


Terryl Made the motion to adjourn

Robbie 2nd it.

Meeting ended at 11:07 am.

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