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June 2022 LMA Board Meeting

June 2022 LMA Board Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

June Board Meeting Notes

JUNE LMA Board Meeting

June 11, 2022

Attendees:  Sue W, Sue R, John M, Chuck, Terryl P, Beth B

Missing:  Tim, Arlyss, Melissa, Mike, Greg

Terry made the motion to start meeting and John 2nd.  The meeting started at 9:06 AM

Treasurers Report:

  • Accepted as is
  • We are in a good position starting this year.
  • Placemats had to be redesigned and are ready to be picked up.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Accepted as is
  • Terryl made motion to approve and 2nd by John

Water Quality Report:

  • Harvester is in the water
  • Rich is getting shown around for accesses and dump site
  • Good to go. 
  • Both barrels of fuel are full
  • Found the aquatic grease and have a few, still looking for more
  • New 50’ cord for the arc welder has arrived.  Safety improvement!!
  • Ken Jensen – has been asked if he is going to do the Secci disc testing.  Haven’t hear back from him.  Bruce and Ole are willing to do it again.

Old Business:

Annual Letter

  • The Aitkin County list needs to be updated yearly.  Dora needs to update the list from the county.
  • Is there a way to send a mass email through the system? Beth to investigate
  • Good feedback from folks on the mailing and letter.

Business Memberships:

  • Donations or solicitations by any of us, let Tim and Arylss know so we don’t duplicate efforts
  • Do we still have the spreadsheet with the history of memberships?  Yes, but Beth hasn’t updated it since we went to Growthzone

Loon Nesting program:

  • Haven’t been able to find any natural nests.  Not sure if the higher water has had an impact.
  • Still looking to see what we can find.
  • Loon populations are being affected by black flies and high water in both MN and WI
  • Loon with hook (daredevil) and fishing line was helped.  DNR had 3 boats out looking for it and couldn’t get it.  Used Facebook to get the word out for help.  Someone helped and the loon removed.


  • There are two different Facebook sites.
  • LMA official site (Sue Westburg administrates)
  • Don’t allow ads
  • Lake Minnewawa (Kathy Harrison administrates)
  • They allow ads


  • At the printers


  • due to Covid we may or may not get the same quality

LMA Merchandise:

  • New items have been ordered from Aitkin T-shirt
  • Onesies
  • Kids t-shirts
  • Tie died t-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Full zip dry weave shirts
  • ¼ zip dry weave shirts
  • More denim shirts in a variety of colors


  • Kids Games
  • Bonnie has 5 new games for the Kids. 
  • She also has the workers lined up. 
  • New tent has arrived.  Need to figure out how to set it up.
  • Grab bags have been done.  Little birdhouses to decorate at home.
  • Cooking
  • John is going to start cooking earlier and will need a roaster to keep them in au Juice.
  • Same Menu as last year and will keep the price the same since most of the food is donated.
  • Burgers, Brats, Hot dogs
  • Watermelon – was popular last year
  • Sliced Cheese
  • Lisa to try to get the coleslaw and calico beans donated
  • Chips in individual bags (Chris from Bann’s)
  • Lettuce and tomatoes from Subway
  • Terryl will get the plates, silverware, relish and individually wrapped desserts from Costco
  • Sue W to get the onions and cut them up.
  • Can we get napkins from the Grand Timber Bank?  Sue W to follow up.
  • Need 6 people for serving food

High water:

  • Levels are lowering gradually.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20

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