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May 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

May 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

May 2020

May LMA Board Meeting

Saturday May 16th, 2020

Call to Order:  President: Sue Westburg

9:02 AM called to order


Arlyss Rinowski

Beth Blaylock - Secretary

Chuck Munson

John Montour -excused

Mike Widseth

Robbie Danko - Treasurer

Sue Reinhart

Sue Westburg - President

Tim Rinowski - Vice President

Terryl Patterson

Greg Pfeifer

Welcome attending members and guests.

Meeting held via conference call due to Covid-19

Report of Officers:

Secretary’s Report: Beth B./Sue W (Chuck motioned to approved and Sue R 2nd)

Treasurer’s Report:  Robbie D.  (Terryl motioned to approved and Beth 2nd)

      1. Balances
        1. Checking - $6,166.30
        2. Money Market - $53,298.76
      2. Outstanding expenses and reimbursements
        1. Tabs - $200
        2. Insurance – $2500 have seen a reduction in rates
        3. Property taxes - $200
      3. Old Business
        1. Submit for reimbursement on placemats ($2.2k) from 2019. Waiting on reimbursement from County.  Having a hard time connecting with correct resource.  Steve Hughes is moving to a new role.
        2. Software for non-profit orgs. – website
      4. New Business

Water Quality Report: John Montour

      1. Oil pressure in the harvester causing problems.  Need to install a new pressure gauge.  Will need to get the parts in and may be a couple of weeks behind schedule.
      2. Truck and trailer have not had the DOT inspection.  Person who normally has done it no longer is able to perform the inspection.  Will need to find someone else to do inspection.

Old Business:

    1. Website Update: 
      1. Lake pictures have been added.
      2. Accounting software is updated.
      3. Membership software has been updated with mailing addresses, property addresses and any phone/email addresses.  2020 memberships are up to date also.
      4. Board Membership page has photos that Robbie put into there.  If you have a photo that you prefer instead you can change them.  Let Mike or Robbie know.
      5. Decision has been made to keep the individual membership directory private. All in favor
      6. Decision was made to make the business memberships public.  All in favor.
      7. Agreed to launch the website by Memorial Weekend
    2. Loon Nesting:
      1. Greg has contacted the school.  We are on their list for production.  We will pay at the time of material purchase.  Depending on how the school year plays out will determine when we will get them.
      2. John and Tim working with Greg to determine where the nests are on the lake.
      3. Buoys manufacturing location has been contacted.  Using the same supplier that the Man Trap Lake association has been using.
      4. Man Trap lake.  Has 22 platforms out.  17 of the 22 are being used and eggs have been observed.
    3. LMA Merchandise:
      1. Current inventory is worth $4700
      2. Flag inventory is worth $1100
      3. Merchandise needed to order:
        1. Hats
        2. ¼ zip
        3. Tanks
        4. T-shirts
        5. Dry fit shirts
        6. Sweatpants
      4. Shirt shop is not open yet.
      5. All merchandise is currently at the garage
      6. If there is no BBQ or Wild Rice Days, do we want to order a bunch of inventory.
        1. Sue R. isn’t comfortable having people come to her home.  She doesn’t need to feel like she has to be the only one handling this.
      7. Greg made the proposal to pause on selling of merchandise for a couple of months to see how this plays out with COVID – 19 and how other retailers are handling clothing.
        1. No public announcement needs to be made.
        2. Sue and Arylss can handle this on a case by case basis.
        3. Will take orders and will not be able to try on clothing at this time.

New Business:

    1. Decision to move forward with Spring placemats even if we do not get funding from Aitkin County.
    2. Steve Olson and Art Windmyre – Have passed away and set up a memorial to the Lake Association.
      1. Would like to put something on the new website acknowledging them.
        1. Doc’s sister also did the same thing, should reach out to Doc and get her information.
        2. Sue Westburg to post something on Facebook to let folks know we are doing this and if they know of anyone else who has done Memorials.
    3. Jeff from Fisheries did the electro fishing last week.  They are looking for gill bacteria (VHS).  Has been in the Great Lakes and some of the lake nearby.
    4. Cathy Larson – LID planning on meeting in person on May 29th at the Sportsman Club.  Sue W. working with Cathy to determine if she or someone from our would be able to attend and still meet the 10 people or less requirement.
      1. AIS placemats reimbursement
      2. Transferring of the money from the LID money market account to the LMA into our money market account.
        1. Discussion with LID about additional funding to LMA
        2. The money could be put into the different target funds (AIS, Fisheries, etc.)
    5. Placemats – Need a calendar of events.  If we don’t have dates, we can reference the website for updated information and use photos from folks on the lake.


    1. Fishing contest that was moved to Big Sandy has been cancelled.
    2. Shamrock cleanup days has been cancelled.
    3. Kids fishing day has been cancelled.

Open Form:


10:14 AM   Motion made by Sue R. and Chuck 2nd it.

Next meeting scheduled for:  June 13th at the Minnewawa Sportsman Club

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