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May 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

May 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to order 9:00

Attendance: Sue Westberg, Sue Reinhardt, Tim Rinowski, Arlyss Rinowski, Terryl

Patterson, Melissa Palmer, Chuck Munson, Greg Pfeifer, John Montour

Secretary Report

Treasurer Report- Bills need to pay, $3276.00- truck insurance, property insurance

LID is questioning bills for web site $238.00 a month and start up

cost. Our start up funds look good.

Loon Nesting Report- Greg is going to do a report on our Loon Nesting program in

the Voyager Paper

Greg reported we are patiently waiting, watching our nests

Mantrap loons are on the nests

Loons will nest 2 or 3 times so we will leave nests out

Take nests out in July

Bring nests and buoy to BBQ

? Maybe purchase self inflating life jackets

? Maybe cams on platforms

Scrap Netting-Tim, Ole,& John was a success. They did 8 or 9 spots for walleye eggs

Electro fishing on our lake will be done in the next couple weeks

Weirs Dam update-John and Tim did tour with Owen project will begin late fall/winter

Want to hire contractors this summer. Permitting and grants are

done. Project is alive and well!

AIS/ In-kind hours-Applied for AIS Grant and we were awarded 420 inspector hours

and $1500.00 for mailings and placemats, etc.

LMA wear-Sue and Arlyss will be having clearance sale Memorial weekend Thur.

and Fri. selling items for cost. We will order new. We need

more flags, can cozies, and will order 200 t-shirts for 4th of July.

BBQ August 14,2021

● Terryl-Food

● John and Mike-Cook

● Melissa-Raffle

● Tim-Wheelbarrow

● Sue & Arlyss-LMA wear

● Beth-Silent Auction

● Greg-Setup and take down, loon platforms

● Bonnie-Kids

● Ole-Beer

● Sue W.-In charge

LMA website- Terryl is going to take a look at it and Sue and Terryl will discuss w/Mike

Highway Cleanup was a success

New Business- Bank payroll will be direct deposit

Week of May 17th harvester will go in

Adjourned 11:00

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